The Ultimate 3D experience for your 3D science center 3D screen!
EXCELLENT science! TERRIFIC narration! NEW ideas! OUTSTANDING special effects!   NO FILLER, NO TALKING HEADS. MOSTLY powerful special effects plus undersea moments and magnificent landscapes!Go to MARS, JUPITER, the MOONS of Jupiter and Saturn, Venus and more.

REAL SCIENCE tells of the REAL CREATURES that could exist in our own solar system!  

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Visit places such a Saturn's moon Titan and see what kind of creatures could exist in the liquid methane oceans there!

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Eye-popping life forms which could really exist scientifically - right in our own solar system! 100%, the science is all there to back it up!


Once upon a 
time there were planetariums that projected stars onto domes using sophisticated spheres with hundreds of tiny holes drilled into them. They rose up on barbell-shaped apparatus and loomed over the audience imposingly from the center of the planetarium as special effects scenes were manifest using video projectors showing laser disc animations. The animations were generally crude and simple, even for the time.

Sensing a need, Producer/Director/Animator/Special effects wizard David Rosler created a laser disc series called Special Effects Alive and contributed significantly to ushering in a new era of special effects standard. From the plains of Kentucky to the columns of Greece, from the biggest US cities to the smallest towns, ADM&U was universally hailed as the best of its kind. David's favorite quote from the many testimonials from planetarium directors around the world read... "The T-rex, predictably, gets screams from the audience". And scream they did as the inverted perspective playing against the curvature of the dome and the carefully designed lighting on the T-Rex, against pure black, gave the extremely unnerving illusion that the creature was physical, alive, and in the planetarium with the audience - seen via a projection from a standard 2D projector!

That was 15 years ago and more. Now, sensing a need to make the science center bill of fare more interesting yet again, David returns to his love of marrying science with visual illusion to up the stakes once more with Aliens, Dinosaurs, Mythology, and Us. 

License Aliens, Dinosaurs, Mythology and Us and your science center and your audience will live happily ever after. 

How science and fiction once imagined meetings between earthlings and aliens, illustrated by a terrific and explosive sequence as envisioned by H.G. Wells in War Of The Worlds!

HIGH-END CLARITY for your 3D science museum and entertainment venues! 24 minutes, full stereoscopic 3D. Rousing and dramatic full orchestral music score. 80 percent high end special effects, 20 percent magnificent live action. No talking heads, ADM&U is a visual and audio feast! Certain to be a favorite among YOUR audience! Amazing images for the kids, intelligent and intellectual but easy-to-follow narration for the adults. Intriguing from the first frame to the last, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Mythology & Us is the fastest 24 minutes your screen will ever see. A WINNER for YOUR 3D shows!

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Old dinosaur favorites make realistic cameos!

An incredible sequence illustrates the kinds of creatures that could exist in the stormy skies of giant Jupiter. See a fight to the death of amazing, otherworldly creatures as the swooping and soaring 3D camera makes you want to hold on to your seat!

Truly photo-real CGI dinosaurs and other creatures!